The "Fleet" Portable Toilet

Fleet Portable Toilets

This is our most elegant portable toilet yet. Equipped with a hands free recirculating toilet and sink, soap and paper towel dispenser. The Fleet Portable Toilet is aesthetically innocuous and roomy.

Flushing Portable Restrooms

Flushing Portable Restrooms

Typical on construction sites, this is our standard portable toilet fitted with a recirculating tank, sink, soap and paper towel dispenser.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets

Wheelchair Accessible Protable Toilets

This is a larger unit, 5'(W) x 5'(D) x 7 1/2'(H), with wheelchair access and handgrips on the walls. Optional sink, soap and paper towel dispenser are available.

Handiwashers/Hand Sanitizers

Handiwasher Hand Sanitizers

Two station hand wash units and three station hand sanitizer units are available for your events sanitation needs. Hand wash units are delivered equipped with fresh water, soap and paper towels. Hand sanitizer units are equipped with foaming hand sanitizer.

Traditional Plastic Portable Toilets

Traditional Plastic Portable Toilets

Very stylish and spacious, these units are great for any occasion. Comes with or without hand sanitizer and a urinal.

On-site event toilet management

Want absolute toilet management confidence at your next big event?

Ask us about our toilet management option. Our staff will ensure units are kept clean, stocked with paper towels and tuned to peak performance.

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