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Please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions to find many answers to your questions regarding our portable toilet rentals solutions.

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What is Ottawa Toilet Rentals delivery/service area?

Ottawa Toilet Rentals provides toilet rentals to the Greater Ottawa Area. Our services extend West to Pembroke and Brockville, East to Alexandria and Cornwall, and all points in between.

What rental arrangements are available?

We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals of our units.

Do you offer weekend, emergency or after regular operating hour pick-up and delivery?

We do offer weekend delivery or pick up as an option if booked in advance. There is an additional charge for weekend service.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Email Transfer and Cash.

Do I have to be at delivery location to take delivery of portable unit?

It is recommended to have someone on site in order to let the driver know where to place the portable toilet unit. If we provide a an on going service, we need to be informed of any new placement requirements.


How far in advance do I need to book a toilet?

In order to ensure availability for special events you should book as soon as possible (Our peak season is May through October). For monthly rentals usually 48-72 hours is sufficient to schedule the delivery.

How many restrooms will you need at your job site?

You will require one unit for every 10 workers based on a once per week service schedule.

How many portable toilets will you require at your event?

This is a common question when planning an event.

The following chart provides a guideline for determining the minimum number of portable toilets required in order to provide reasonable access to facilities with minimal waiting lines, based on the size and length of your function.

Fleet Portable Toilet

To calculate the number of portable toilets needed: determine the duration of the event and the number of people attending. Then, in the chart above, find the corresponding number of units recommended. The resulting number is a guideline for the minimum units.

In order to keep lines to a minimum :

  • If your event features food and beverages, consider adding additional units
  • If Alcohol is being served we recommend an additional 1.5 units per hour of event time

Things to keep in mind:

  • Location: Be aware of proximity to venue and walking distances
  • Hand washing stations : Is there access to a water hose?
  • Disability: Provide appropriate facilities for your attendees with disabilities
  • Servicing: Arrange in advance with Ottawa Toilet Rentals for restocking supplies or cleaning for multiple-day events
When planning your party, rally, wedding or other special event, there are a number of conditions and factors to keep in mind, such as:

Additional units may be required if the ratio of women to men at the event is larger than normal. Studies have shown that women take, on average, 40% longer than men to use the restroom. If beverages are being served at your event, you need to provide more facilities than a 'dry' event Extra cleanings are available as an alternative to additional toilets at a per unit charge, at the customers request.

What do you need to take into account when planning how many portable toilets are needed? When you call us for a quote, here are some of the questions we will ask to help determine your needs
  • When is your event?
  • Where is your event?
  • How long is your event?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Are there any other toilets on site?
  • Is there food and alchohol being served?
  • Can our truck drive right up to where you want the toilets to be placed?
  • How long before the event will workers be setting up? Will they require toilets?
  • Will the toilets be secure?
  • Do you have any guests requiring adapted units?
  • Do you require a hand wash station?

What else do I need to think about

Does the toilet come stocked?

Upon delivery, the toilets will be fully stocked with toilet paper and an anti-bacterial deodorizer in the holding tank. Ottawa Toilet Rentals has several different toilets to choose from in order to suit your needs. From regular toilets, to wheelchair accessible toilets available with sink, soap, and paper towel dispensers, to re-circulating toilets for construction sites and finally, the roomy, elegant "fleet" toilet for classy outdoor events.

What services are performed during your weekly cleaning?
  • Evacuation of the holding tank
  • Remove debris
  • Scrub and sanitize all surfaces of the portable toilet including walls, toilet seat, urinal and floor
  • Add fresh water and anti-bacterial deoderizer to the holding tank
  • Replenish supplies

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